Cloud SMSF software that’s all Class

Billings+Ellis is using Class software exclusively for handling the superannuation and self-managed superannuation funds of the firm’s clients.

What do we like about Class for SMSFs?

Class allows us to administer and audit SMSFs with greater efficiency, which in turn helps us to keep costs down and our services and fees more competitive.

Class software logoBy using Class, we can ensure funds are kept up to date on a daily basis. Class gives us instant access to the client fund’s current investment position and performance, financial statements and a range of reports with information direct from source, reconciliations to feed balances, and a complete audit trail for all transactions.

With Class being cloud-based, we can give SMSF trustees a login so that they can view their fund investment position, performance and asset allocations, information regarding their contribution caps, pension limits and fund details – from anywhere, even on a mobile device – at any time.

Class is award-winning, Australian-developed software. Class was established in 2005. The company remains Australian-owned and now employs 55 people involved in developing and supporting innovative wealth accounting solutions.

Class for SuperStream and SMSFs

superstreamNow that the government’s SuperStream initiative is fully up and running, SMSFs are required to receive employer super contributions using the SuperStream data and payment standard.

Every SMSF that receives employer contributions needs an electronic service address (ESA) and the software to receive their SuperStream data. SMSF trustees need to provide the ESA to their employer in order to receive their contributions.

If your SMSF is receiving employer contributions and Billings+Ellis is looking after your SMSF affairs, we would have sorted your ESA and SuperStream integration with your Class SMSF account by now.

If you’re not with Billings+Ellis and you’d like to know what advanced cloud solutions like Class can do for your SMSF compliance, and your real-time access to SMSF information and reports, talk to us.

How Class brings your SMSF administration together in one portal:

Class software infographic