Online job management software WorkflowMax

Many businesses have successfully made the transition to cloud accounting with Xero, the most popular cloud-based accounting system. Another cloud solution that is being widely adopted by service businesses is WorkflowMax, the job management software from Xero.

WorkflowMax is designed for consultants, architects, engineers, creative agencies, and many other types of businesses that need to bill time, or a combination of time and other charges, on a job/client or project-by-project basis.

xeroDescribed by Xero as an “all-in-one job management solution”, WorkflowMax is very flexible and offers an array of advanced features. Xero integration allows for the direct push-through of invoices and purchase orders from WorkflowMax to your Xero account. Like Xero, WorkflowMax is fully compliant with Australian GST administration and reporting requirements.

WorkflowMax can help generate beautiful-looking custom quotes for clients, or prospective clients, within minutes – complete with your company branding. Approved quotes and planned jobs are easily converted to live jobs without any requirement to re-enter job-related data.

Jobs and tasks can be budgeted, assigned, time-lined, and tracked within the system. Automatic reminders can be sent when jobs or scheduled tasks are due or late. Jobs can be grouped by status, such as “Planned” or “In Progress”. Emails can be sent or copied through to a job in WorkflowMax simply by quoting the job number in the email subject line. Documents and image resources, for example, are easily uploaded and stored on the job, and notes can be entered.

wfm-logo-1Time-billing in WorkflowMax is simple for users, and flexible enough to allow different charges for the same task, for example, when done by a user with different charge-out rates, or for a task to be billed at the same rate no matter which users logged their time for doing the task.

Invoices can be custom-branded in WorkflowMax and the system allows for progress invoices to be raised at any stage during a project. Invoicing can be based on the time and costs as recorded, or a flat rate. Bulk invoicing can also save a great deal of time for some businesses.

Actionable reporting is another major benefit offered to account managers and business owners by WorkflowMax. The analysis of job-by-job and client-by-client profitability is made easy.

With WorkflowMax being owned by Xero, users are assured of not just seamless integration with Xero, but the same reliability and 24/7 support that users would expect from Xero.

Billings and Ellis are expert Xero accountants and can assist with WorkflowMax demonstrations, set-up, and training for users if needed. Software-plus-accounting packages including both WorkflowMax and Xero are available from Billings and Ellis for one fixed monthly fee.

If you’d like to explore the potential of using WorkflowMax as job management software, with or without Xero integration, just give us a call. We’re ready to assist you.