Vend integration with Xero ideal for typical retailers

Vend POS for clothing stores

Vend POS can handle inventory and loyalty programs, making it a popular choice for retailers like clothing stores.

Vend is suitable for many different kinds of retail trading situations where a modern POS system system with powerful features is needed. Vend integration with Xero provides a seamless, end-to-end POS and accounting solution, and has proven ideal for many businesses such as:

  • Fashion boutiques, clothing and footwear retailers
  • Sports and outdoor stores
  • Hair and beauty product stores
  • Electronics and computer stores
  • Home and lifestyle stores
  • Fitness and supplements stores
  • Carwash operations
  • Non-profit organisations and merchandisers
  • Bike shops
  • Book stores, gift shops, and galleries
  • Franchises and chains (handles up to 100 stores)

One of the resources offered by Vend is the ebook titled: Retail KPIs Guide: 10 Key Performance Indicators Every Retailer Should Track. You can get your free copy by following this link:



Vend POS software logoVend has released some free guides for retail store owners. You don’t have to be a user of Vend software to access their free guides and ebooks.

You can get other free resources from Vend, like the ebook by their retail expert, Francesca Nicasio, titled: “Retail Survival of the Fittest: 7 ways to future-proof your retail store“.

Vend POS software can suit gift shops, homeware stores, galleries, etc.

While free guides like these can be helpful, it’s important to have specialist small business accountants on your side to help with advice on getting the right POS software solution for your business, and then integrating POS software with Xero accounting.

Vend integration with Xero made easy

Vend is Mac and PC-friendly, and an iPad app is available. Suitable for retailers with one to 100+ stores, the features of Vend include lay-buys, easy returns and refunds, split payments, loyalty programs, gift cards and inventory.

The integration of Vend with Xero provides a seamless end-to-end POS system, inventory and retail store management system, and accounting system – all in the cloud for convenience and cost-savings – and all mobile-friendly for use with mobile phones and tablets.

Working closely with our expert Vend implementation partners, Coconut Consulting, Billings + Ellis can assist with the transition of your retail business from any existing system to the state-of-the-art solution provided by Vend/Xero integration.

Billings + Ellis are not only small business accountants and the go-to guys for cloud accounting in Melbourne, we can also help retail store owners to achieve their own financial goals with SMSF set-up and administration, personal taxation, business succession planning, estate planning, and more.

Talk to us about your retail POS and cloud accounting requirements

If you’re in the retail trade anywhere in Melbourne and thinking about the benefits of having an integrated POS and Xero accounting system using Vend, or wanting to know more about which POS system would be the best fit for your business, make an appointment for coffee with Geoff Morris at Billings + Ellis.